The Green House cleaners offer residential and commercial cleaning solutions in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas. We pair green products with friendly professionals, promising you the clean that you’re looking for.



"Who's cleaning my house?"

"We’re a few ladies that like to keep it clean...

...but that’s just us in a nutshell. We’re friends who believe that working together to make happy homes is one of the best jobs we can have.

We even whistle (hum, sing, dance) while we work at no extra cost to you!

But seriously, we want to help your home be the most comfortable to you. And with work, soccer practice, show choir, and a full social calendar; let’s just say we’d like to be that extra set of hands you’ve been wishing for.

Whether it’s a spring cleaning, moving spruce up, or weekly service you’re looking for we’re here for you. Just let us know how we can help!"



We like to call it "greening."

Greening (grēn·ing): the use of all-natural products and techniques to make your home fresh and clean.

Why green? Because green cleaning makes your home more safe for your family and the environment.

From prepping food on a kitchen counter, to a young child crawling across the floor – you come in contact with the surfaces of your home dozens of times each day. Harmful chemical cleaners can pollute even the air you breathe.

Rest assured that with our ‘greening’ products your home will be 100% safe to breathe, touch, and lick (we’re thinking about the pets, of course).



When we say we’ll clean your home, we’re talking down and dirty, cracks and crevices, nooks and crannies kind of clean. Imagine how a teenage boy would clean his room: the opposite of that (unless you have a son who cleans immaculately, in which case, we’ll hire him!).

We do it all from top to bottom, windows to garbages... but here’s a more detailed list of what you can expect:

  • All OverOpen or Close
    ✓ Floors of all rooms cleaned: vacuumed if carpeted and wet-cleaned by hand if hard flooring (light furniture moved)
    ✓ Dusting of all furniture and fixtures
    ✓ Doors and door frames wiped and spot cleaned (R)
    ✓ Baseboard and molding wiped and spot cleaned (R)
    ✓ Light fixtures and ceiling fans dusted (height restrictions apply)
    ✓ Window sills and ledges dusted
    ✓ Blinds dusted (R)
    ✓ Door handles, light switches, switch plates wiped
    ✓ Pick-up and dust small ornaments, decorations, picture frames
    ✓ Trash cans emptied (upon request)

    (R = rotating schedule, not each week)
  • Kitchen & Eating RoomsOpen or Close
    ✓ Large and small appliance exteriors cleaned
    ✓ Stovetops, drip pans and glass tops cleaned and detailed
    ✓ Microwave cleaned (interior and exterior)
    ✓ Sink cleaned and polished
    ✓ Eating surfaces cleaned
    ✓ Furniture wiped and dusted
    ✓ Fronts of cabinets hand wiped (R)

    (R = rotating schedule, not each week)
  • BathroomsOpen or Close
    ✓ Clean shower, tub, and enclosure
    ✓ Sink cleaned and polished
    ✓ Mirror polished
    ✓ Toilet interior and exterior cleaned
    ✓ Non-floor tile hand wiped
    ✓ Faucets, sinks, and drains detailed (R)
    ✓ Towels hung and straightened
    ✓ Counter tops/vanity cleaned (small items moved)

    ✓ Trash cans emptied (upon request)

    (R = rotating schedule, not each week)
  • Bedrooms & Living AreaOpen or Close
    ✓ Beds made with optional linen change
    ✓ Floors under bed cleaned
    ✓ General tidying
    ✓ Stairs swept or vacuumed
    ✓ Vacuum couches and upholstery
    ✓ General tidying
  • Special RequestsOpen or Close
    ✓ Window glass cleaned and polished
    ✓ Tile grouting scrubbed
    ✓ Clean and flip mattresses
    ✓ Clean refrigerator grate
    ✓ Inside of oven cleaning (uses non-green chemicals)
    ✓ Any other requests? Just ask!
  • What We Dont DoOpen or Close
    ✗ Wash, fold, or put away laundry
    ✗ Put away dishes or wash dirty dishes
    ✗ Organize or put away household items, such as children's toys, clothing on the floor, heavily cluttered surfaces, electronics, etc.
    ✗ Clean pet kennels or cages
    ✗ Eat your food
    ✗ Outdoor cleaning such as window exteriors, vehicles, garages, or decks


  • How do I start service?Open or Close
    Glad you asked! Simply click the ‘Create an Estimate’ banner on the right, and complete a simple questionnaire to help us get in contact with you. After we connect, we’ll send you a detailed services form and start scheduling your appointments.
  • How much can I expect to pay?Open or Close
    It is our goal to provide you with the best services for the price that meets your expectations. We make pricing flexible by discussing services you want, the size of your home, etc. We work with you to adjust our services to accommodate your budget and needs. Generally you can plan on services costing around $35.00 dollars an hour. Let’s chat and find a service plan that’s perfect for you.
  • How often does my house get cleaned?Open or Close
    You can determine this by answering a simple question: How often do you need your house cleaned? You might want your house cleaned before moving in or out. One time, spring cleaning, monthly, or weekly. We’ll be there as frequently or sparsely as you need.
  • Do I have to be home during my scheduled cleaning?Open or Close
    You don’t have to be. In fact, most of our cleanings take place while the homeowner is at work. We simply ask that while we are cleaning you don’t complain about our singing! If you choose to be away while we clean, you can leave us a key or key code that will remain trusted in our care.
  • How can I be sure my cleaner is trustworthy?Open or Close
    For starters, we are homeowners with families who understand the importance of safety and trust. Your home is one of your most cherished positions and we will care for it that way – paying special attention to the delicate areas and items in your home. We get to know our employees, and check in closely before and after cleaning appointments. At random we visit our employees during cleanings to maintain that they honestly follow our procedures and meet your standards.
  • What if I'm not satisfied with my service?Open or Close
    Please, please, please let us know! Email or call us within 24 hours of the cleaning, and we will get in touch with you to resolve the problem.
  • Do you clean homes with pets?Open or Close
    Of course! A home wouldn’t be a home without them, would it? Our green products are pet friendly and chosen with their bare paws in mind. We simply ask that pets be kenneled or separated if you think it’s appropriate.
  • What can I do to make the most of my scheduled cleaning?Open or Close
    Our goal is to clean your home efficiently. We can do this best when floors and surfaces are clear of clutter: mail, toys, dirty laundry, etc.
  • What is the cancellation policy?Open or Close
    The Green House will collect 15% of all appointments booked will allow you to reschedule with no fee if given 24 hours notice. If an appointment is canceled with less than 24 hours notice up to 7:00am of the service date, 50% of the fee will be collected. After 7am, the entire fee is payable since the cleaner’s time is not reusable.
  • Do I need to provide anything?Open or Close
    Nope. Our cleaning experts come prepared with all supplies and equipment needed. If you have special tools or products that you would like us to use, you may provide these for us with instruction at your own cost.


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